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    國家計劃內統招院校  |  河北省連續六年年檢優秀院校   |  中央財政支持的國家級物流實訓基地
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    Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Finance & Economics
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    Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Finance & Economics is a provincial full-time college, which enrolls students across the whole country, and it is entitled to issue national- admitted diplomas independently.

    Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Finance & Economics sticks to the principle of “serving the new normality of the regional economic development”, strengthens the connotation structure constantly and has cultivated tens of thousands students with both professional proficiency and personal integrity , receiving much recognition and reputation from the society.

    Endowed with picturesque surroundings and a favorable cultural atmosphere, the college has more than 70 practical teaching bases integrating teaching, learning and practicing, which includes the Logistics Practical Training Base supported by government finance, DaTang Mobile Communication Workshop, and Accounting Training Center, etc. The college has hugely expanded through the provision of facilities, such as teaching buildings and apartments. The college retains advanced educational philosophy, strives to provide excellent higher education for all students in an innovative way.

    The college consists of more than 50 specialties distributed in 11 departments, including the Department of Accounting, Economic and Trade, Management, Architectural Engineering, Information Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Automation, Food and Drug, Nursing, Arts and Basic Education. The college employs over 500 faculty and staff, most of whom are professors, associate professors and double-qualified teachers, aiming at providing the formal teaching and training students with professional proficiency and personal integrity. In recent years, the graduates are favorably reviewed by the employers and the employment rate has been accounted for over 98%.

    Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Finance & Economics
    修德勵志   強能善技
    Cultivating Moral Integrity & Improving Professional Proficiency